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IT solutions is our trade, for more than 30 years!

Computer Repairs

We repair desktop PCs and their peripherals (printers, etc.), as well as laptop and notebook computers.
All devices are accepted, and repairs are carried out only after we have examined the device, consulted with you and received your approval.

Many repairs can be done by mail order from all over Austria or even online via remote help!
More on this here:

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Software Installations

We can install any kind of software on your PC if you provide us a license.
Under no circumstances will we install pirated software.

Can be done online!

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PC and laptop cleaning

The high pollution of PCs or notebooks due to electrostatic charging can lead to thermal problems (overheating), causing fans to run loud and can even cause hardware failures. Contact corrosion can also cause malfunctions and system crashes. Many of these problems can be solved and prevented with a professional cleaning.

Can be done by mail order!

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Virus cleanup and response

Our knowledge about the current virus situation is always up-to-date. We can provide you with inexpensive removal of viruses and further attack prevention (we recommend "Kaspersky Internet Security" antivirus software).

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We offer high quality copying of various formats, with service.

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In our shop (Friedlgasse 21) we offer an internet station. Our staff will gladly give you assistance / counselling / training.

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Laminating, fax, typing

We are happy to provide you with assistance, advice or training in how to do these things. See our price list or contact us for specific requests.

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Digitize movies, slides

The following formats can be digitized by us and converted to DVD:

  • N-8 (b/w and color), optionally with sound
  • S-8 (b/w and color), optionally with sound
  • 16mm (b/w and color)
  • Video8, Mini8
  • Mini-DV

We digitize all slides in commercial format (paper, plastic frame) and provide them to you on CD and/or USB stick.

Can be done by mail order!

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Digitize audio media

The following mediums can be digitized and converted to CD or MP3:

  • cassettes, records (vinyl), audio tapes

Can be done by mail order!

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PC network support, Tablet & Smartphone Setup

We will gladly support you in setting up your home or office network as well as mobile device setup. See our price list or contact us for specific requests.

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PC/Mac training

We offer computer training courses for one or more persons in our training room as well as on-site in Vienna and the surrounding areas. See our price list or contact us for specific requests. ▲ top | price list ►

PC Consulting

Based on your needs, we can work out an optimal solution to meet the price/performance ratio for any device you require.
We do not sell you the device, but simply give you a recommendation of what and where to purchase (product name, model, trading company etc.).

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Custom Software

In close collaboration with the customer, almost any custom software request can be realized.

Reference customers:

Lohmann & RauscherExcel applications for hygiene and dressing materials
Czell‘sche GutsverwaltungOrder processing for agricultural business
R. Burschik’s Nachf.Order processing for beverage production and trade

Costs can be determined based on project requirements and in consultation with the customer.

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We are also happy to offer website design and development.
Together with our partners, we develop both small and large websites in HTML5, as well as content management systems with Joomla! or GetSimple. Development includes responsive design, meaning optimized for mobile devices. On request we can include modern features such as sliders, megamenus and more, online shops, search engine optimization (SEO) and web analytics.
Ask for it and let us advise you!

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