Computer Repair

EDV-Polzer is specialised in the repair of PCs, notebooks and laptops of all types. No matter if it is a hardware failure, caused by pollution and overheating, or a software problem due to outdated parts or virus attack - based on years of experience, we can offer a specialist service and rapid troubleshooting.

Your device is getting slower and louder? You have unexplained system crashes or devices can not connect? You need new components such as a larger hard drive or better memory?

What we can do for you:

  • Locate and replace defective parts
  • Increase performance through better components
  • Back up data and transfer them to other storage
  • Clean appliances professionally and thus possibly solve thermal problems
  • Eliminate and prevent from viruses

You benefit from the following advantages:

  • 6 months warranty on hardware repair
  • A hotline where you are always well advised
  • Software fault rectification via remote maintenance program (see below)

Of course, we´ll first explore the viability of a repair. If it does not pay off, and we recommend, or you decide after the cost estimate, not to let the repair to perform, we will send you your device back immediately. On request we will give you tips then for a possible new purchase and support you during setup and configuration of your new appliance, the dubbing of all the data and, where appropriate, in the secured, physical destruction of old data and storage.

We do not leave you alone!

How to bring your device to us?

Either bring it to our shop in 1190 Wien, Friedlgasse 21

or we can pick it up


If you are not from Vienna? In the other states, you can use our services, by simply sending us the device:

shipping service